Building a Global Real Estate Platform
to Realize Borderless Transactions

Our Strengths

Unique Cross-Border
Real Estate Network
to Meet a Wide Range of Needs
A Group of Professional Expertise
who Produces Optimal Solutions
with Rich Experience and Knowledge

As a total supporter of real estate, we cover the real estate agent business, the real estate solution business, the real estate liquidation business, and the facility management business.

In accordance with the diversifying lifestyles with the times, we are actively pursuing a variety of initiatives to meet ever-changing needs putting the voice of our customers at the core.

We promise to be a total partner of real estate that can be trusted by our customers by creating a system to work on problem solving with a team of experts such as lawyers, judicial scriveners, and real estate appraisers as well as our experienced staff.

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For experts

To All the

We will cooperate with professionals to solve problems as an external partner. Find out more

To Real Estate

When you face difficult consultations on real estate, our experienced staff with rich experience and knowledge will offer the best solution in accordance with the situation. Find out more

Employment Information

Century21 Chuo Property,
which fulfills your dreams
through real estate and continues
to expand your business,
awaits your challenge.

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