Real Estate Liquidation Business

Real estate liquidation business

Maximizing the cash flows generated by real estate
Real estate development business (buildings, commerce, logistics facilities, condominiums, factories, etc.)
Commercialization for private placement funds
Fixed-term leasehold scheme for business
Utilization of real estate securitization schemes


Taking advantage of the ability to build business schemes, for the achievement of high added value!

Real Estate Revitalization Business

We are engaged in a real estate revitalization business that stabilizes cash flow and performance, improves vacancy rates, and creates completely new and reborn “products” through renovations and renewals of real estate (low-operated real estate) whose use value is low.

By making full use of the know-how we have cultivated so far and increasing the value of real estate assets due to idle land and aging, we have achieved efficient return on investment and market revitalization while providing benefits to business corporations and investors seeking high-value-added properties.

Promoting Compact Cities

We will actively address issues closely related to real estate such as medical care, welfare, and public facilities, which are indispensable for “the promotion of compact cities” that consolidate land functions, and contribute to the realization of vibrant urban development even in a declining population and a declining birthrate and aging society.

Our Strengths

Century21 Chuo Property maximizes your profits.

Survey and Analysis of All Real Estate

We conduct careful and detailed analysis through the confirmation of materials and local facilities, hearings, and the submission of reports.

Database of Real Estate Information

We accurately evaluate multifaceted and vast real estate information using common indicators by centralized management.

Visualization of Utilization

We classify real estate by usage and value, and show the importance simply and clearly.

Proposal of Direction

We will consider continued use and sale according to the importance and usage of real estate. We propose the optimal solution.

Proposal of Direction

We will consider continued use and sale according to the importance and usage of real estate. We propose the optimal solution.

Invest in the Improvement of the Asset Value and the Effective Use of Your Real Estate

We will improve the value of your real estate through renovation work.

The Flow of Consultation

We promise to provide services to meet the various needs of our customers regardless of the purpose or size of real estate.

Hearing and Assessment

We listen to the situation of our customers and experts conduct the survey of the target real estate.

Negotiation of Conditions

A member of the staff familiar with the market negotiates the conditions between the other party and the customer.


If you can agree with the other party, a contract concludes. We will also provide generous support for difficult procedures such as contract documentation.
By aggregating a huge amount of real estate information in Marunouchi,
Connecting to a network of investors, including those overseas, from Marunouchi!

Employment Information

Century21 Chuo Property,
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