To real estate agents

We will support an item of unfamiliar land on behalf of real estate agents in accordance with your request.

Please feel free to utilize our know-how and network for your corporate development.

Collaboration with
Real Estate Agents

Frequently Consulted
I do not know how to proceed with an unfamiliar item even though I have real estate information.
I would like to tie this real estate information to my earnings to the maximum!
I would like to increase profit more than brokerage fee.
I would like to ask you to write a simulation and proposal of the tax associated with the replacement.
I would like to ask for due diligence and financing arrangements.


Alliance partner system to cooperate with real estate agents

Supporting by a Group of Experts

We are supporting various real estate items such as inheritance measures and payment maintenance of asset owners and investors, and adjustment of the rights for rental land under the close cooperation with lawyers, tax accountants, and other professionals.

One of our characteristics is that our partnership is not only with legal corporations, but also with judicial scriveners, tax accountants, and real estate appraisers.

We would be happy if we could connect real estate agents to business opportunities by concluding partnerships between real estate agents who have information on real estate and our company, commercializing their information, and maximizing business synergies.

As we might suggest many projects which could bring higher profit unique to a special property, please contact us before refusing customer’s request.

Handling of Special Real Estate

We specialize in real estate with relatively poor marketability, such as leasehold rights, land rights, joint ownership real estate, land not adjacent to road (property impossible to rebuild), and aging apartments and condominiums. Many real estate agents frequently consult with our company closely cooperating with lawyers and tax accountants.

Examples of Collaborative Services

Due diligence by experts

We will conduct extensive analysis with knowledge backed by our rich experience and knowledge.

Legal Due Diligence

Optimal risk hedging is possible from a professional point of view

Evaluation of Real Estate Appraisal

The real estate appraiser accurately determines the economic value.

Engineering Report (Real Estate Survey Report)

We will accurately report the physical results of real estate subjected to evaluation.

Survey on Building Environment, Seismic Diagnosis

We determine whether the real estate subjected to evaluation is risk-free or not using our know-how.

Market Analysis

We will investigate the real estate market in detail and thoroughly analyze the current situation.

Financing Arrangements with Financial Institutions

We will propose the optimal financial institution plan to achieve the purpose of investment.

Our Strengths

We respond to the various requests of real estate agents.

Pursuing the Satisfaction of Real Estate Agents

Our professional team will support you closely with all the requests of real estate agents.
※Conditions on alliance can be negotiable.

Quick Outsourcing

On behalf of real estate agents who have a lot of things to do, we conduct troublesome property surveys and due diligence, and try to respond quickly and accurately so as not to miss opportunities.

Appropriate Evaluation

Appraisal (real estate appraiser) can accurately prepare more than 10 pages of research reports for the better understanding of real estate valuations.

The Flow of Consultation

We are committed to providing services to meet the various needs of our customers regardless of the purpose or size of real estate.

Hearing and Assessment

We listen to the situation of our customers and experts conduct the survey of the target real estate.

Negotiation of Conditions

A member of the staff familiar with the market negotiates the conditions between the other party and the customer.


If you can agree with the other party, a contract concludes. We will also provide generous support for difficult procedures such as contract documentation.

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