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Supporting Strategic Partners
by Proposing the Optimal Solution

On behalf of professionals who play an active role in various fields, we will examine and support the possibility of collaboration with our strong network, experience, and know-how on complicated real estate business.

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Frequently Consulted
I would like to ask you to write an engineering report.
I would like to reduce the time and effort for the processing of bankruptcy trustees.
I would like to sell the empty house of a non-adult ward.
I would like to sell the empty house of a non-adult ward.
I would like to manage smoothly complex real estate which people tend to avoid.


Experienced groups of experts will
support complex real estate problems.

For Tax Accountants, Accountants and Lawyers

Through the preparation of engineering reports (real estate survey reports) and the support of procedures with our rich know-how, we, as an external partner, will help lawyers, judicial scriveners, and tax accountants work more smoothly in solving problems.

Please feel free to contact us in cases you are consulted on bankruptcy trustees and adult guardianship or on joint ownership real estate, limited proprietary right of land and leasehold rights through inheritance and division of inherited property.

Supporting by a Group of Experts with Rich Experience and Knowledge

The evaluation on special real estate such as joint ownership real estate, limited proprietary right of land, and leasehold rights requires specialized knowledge and experience unlike that on general one. Specialized knowledge and experiences are necessary.

We will propose optimal solutions by properly grasping the situation based on the accurate investigation of various problems related to real estate.

We would like to work together with professionals to solve problems by carrying out appropriate transactions while maintaining the neutrality and fairness of real estate transactions.

Examples of Collaborative Services

Due diligence by experts

We will conduct extensive analysis with knowledge backed by our rich experience and knowledge.

Legal Due Diligence

Optimal risk hedging is possible from a professional point of view

Evaluation of Real Estate Appraisal

The real estate appraiser accurately determines the economic value.

Engineering Report (Real Estate Survey Report)

We will accurately report the physical results of real estate subjected to evaluation.

Survey on Building Environment, Seismic Diagnosis

We determine whether the real estate subjected to evaluation is risk-free or not using our know-how.

Market Analysis

We will investigate the real estate market in detail and thoroughly analyze the current situation.

Financing Arrangements with Financial Institutions

We will propose the optimal financial institution plan to achieve the purpose of investment.

Our Strengths

We will realize appropriate transactions while maintaining the neutrality and fairness of real estate transactions.

Realization of Neutral and Fair Trade

On behalf of professionals who have a lot of things to do, we will support the troublesome property surveys and the evidence creation according to your request.

Quick Response

Since we are a brokered company, we have adopted a posting system that is determined by bidding and conducted a proper due diligence when deciding on buyers.
※Property information will be delivered to the investor network.

Appropriate Evaluation

Appraisal (real estate appraiser) can accurately prepare more than 10 pages of research reports for the better understanding of real estate valuations.

The Flow of Consultation

We promise to provide services to meet the various needs of our customers regardless of the purpose or size of real estate.

Hearing and Assessment

We listen to the situation of our customers and experts conduct the survey of the target real estate.

Negotiation of Conditions

A member of the staff familiar with the market negotiates the conditions between the other party and the customer.


If you can agree with the other party, a contract concludes. We will also provide generous support for difficult procedures such as contract documentation.

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