Facility management

Facility Management Business

Manage people, things, money, and information in a well-balanced manner
Effective use of corporate real estate
Management of real estate owned by the company
Creating a strong corporate structure through real estate
Centralization of real estate management


Support the management and operation of corporate real estate to efficiently maintain and reduce operating costs

What is Facility Management?

Facility management in real estate has traditionally been recognized as a management focusing on office development. Nowadays, however, it is the mainstream to manage “all real estate” which constantly adopt the improvements.

In addition, facility management was “administrative affairs” in the expression of the company in the past. Nowadays, however, it is “the General Affairs of Strategic Affairs” which constantly adopt the improvements, and the provision of solutions is indispensable there.

Our Facility Management

We are always mindful of facility management for centralized management to create the environment of “the General Affairs of Strategic Affairs” and to guarantee the success of optimized real estate connected to society.

We promise to support the management and operation of corporate real estate to efficiently maintain and reduce operating costs from a higher management perspective.

Facility Management Menu of Our Company

・“Real Estate Asset Management Strategy”
・“Design and Construction”
・“Facility Management and Maintenance”
・“Office Service”

Our Strengths

Century21 Chuo Property maximizes your profits.

Survey and Analysis of All Real Estate

We conduct careful and detailed analysis through the confirmation of materials and local facilities, hearings, and the submission of reports.

Database of Real Estate Information

We accurately evaluate multifaceted and vast real estate information using common indicators by centralized management.

Visualization of Utilization

We classify real estate by usage and value, and show the importance simply and clearly.

Proposal of Direction

We will consider continued use and sale according to the importance and usage of real estate. We propose the optimal solution.

Invest in the Improvement of the Asset Value and the Effective Use of Your Real Estate

We will improve the value of your real estate through renovation work.

The Flow of Consultation

We promise to provide services to meet the various needs of our customers regardless of the purpose or size of real estate.

Hearing and Assessment

We listen to the situation of our customers and experts conduct the survey of the target real estate.

Negotiation of Conditions

A member of the staff familiar with the market negotiates the conditions between the other party and the customer.


If you can agree with the other party, a contract concludes. We will also provide generous support for difficult procedures such as contract documentation.
By aggregating a huge amount of real estate information in Marunouchi,
Connecting to a network of investors, including those overseas, from Marunouchi!

Employment Information

Century21 Chuo Property,
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