Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Our basic concept is to be a company trusted by all stakeholders related to our company, including customers, real estate owners, business partners, and employees.

Our basic management policy is "providing solutions that please our customers." In order to maximize corporate value and achieve sustainable corporate development, it is necessary to strengthen corporate governance, and we believe that one of the important management issues is to maintain a fair and transparent and sound management system, and to take necessary measures such as thorough compliance with laws and regulations and regular review of the organizational structure.

Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

Based on the purpose of each principle of the Corporate Governance Code, we have established the following basic policy on corporate governance.

1. We aim to ensure the substantial equality of all shareholders and to create an environment in which shareholders can exercise their rights appropriately.

2. In order to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value over the medium to long term, we recognize that collaboration with various stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, business partners, creditors, and local communities, is essential, and are working to foster a corporate culture that respects the rights and the positions of stakeholders and sound business ethics.

3. We are striving to strengthen the effectiveness of the supervisory functions of the Board of Directors in order not only to maintain a fair, transparent and sound management system, but also to improve the environment that supports appropriate risk-taking and to increase profitability.


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