CENTURY21 Chuo Property emphasize interactive communication to strengthen relationships with each stakeholder. Furthermore, we will provide new value to meet the needs of the times and contribute to the protection of the environment and the realization of a sustainable society.

CSR Vision

As a company which contributes to social development through the real estate business, we will provide sustainable social value by solving social issues and improving the satisfaction of our stakeholders.

We will always stand from the customer's point of view, respond to everything fairly and sincerely, and strive to improve our services and ensure the soundness of our management.

Shareholders and Investors

We will endeavor not only to disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner but also to provide a variety of interactive communication opportunities such as positive participation in financial results briefings or IR events for individual investors.


While complying with laws and social norms concerning fair and free competition and transactions, we will strive to conduct honest transactions and to mutually enhance corporate value.


By respecting the personality of each employee and eliminating all forms of discrimination and harassment, we will strive to maintain a safe and comfortable working environment, and realize comfort and prosperity.

Local Community

As a good corporate citizen, we will contribute to the development of local communities, value coexistence, and contribute widely to society.

Global Environment

We will comply with laws and regulations concerning the environment, fully recognize our responsibilities for conservation, and actively tackle environmental activities.


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