Our Strengths

Our Strengths

Real estate professionals embody your needs.

Total professional support

Gathering CENTURY21's comprehensive global network and real estate capabilities, professionals in real estate with rich experience respond to the needs of our customers in cooperation with professionals such as tax accountants and lawyers who are active in various fields.

Total strength of CENTURY21 Chuo Property

We are engaged in business development in various fields related to real estate. We aim to be a leading company in the real estate agent business, real estate solutions business, real estate liquidation business, and facility management business by establishing unique global network which makes the most of the power of CENTURY21 Group to materialize customers' needs.

CENTURY21 Network, Unique Global Network

Century21 Group has 13,600 stores in 85 countries and regions and manages more than 1,008 stores in Japan (as of the end of March 2023). We have built a relationship of trust by selling investment real estate to overseas investors and building achievements by making use of our network since the establishment of our company.

We have acquired the Privacy Mark to protect your personal information.

We, who handle a lot of real estate information and related personal information, have notonly made our "Personal Information Protection Policy (or Privacy Policy)" public but also acquired the Privacy Mark as a system and mechanism which can realize business based on it. We sincerely would like you to consult us at ease.

Employment Information

Century21 Chuo Property,
which fulfills your dreams
through real estate and continues
to expand your business,
awaits your challenge.

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